29 October 2010

They never shared..

I asked each of the guys to post their thoughts about wrapping up the kayaking adventure after 50 miles and 2 days (in utter horrible heat and humidity) but as we can tell months hasn't happened.  Maybe, one of these days :)

17 June 2010


15 June 2010


14 June 2010

Day One - the Report

HOT! That's almost all we have to say!  According to the Edwards Woman the high temp was 96 with the heat index at 101. For almost 2 hrs midday we had flat waters and the heat as we kayaked above Milburnie Dam. The times we did get a current it was against us. Wildlife - lots of birds (saw one almost serve as lunch for a hawk), couple of snakes, otter, muskrat and deer as night fell. We planned to camp near the Mial Plantation Road overpass but there wasn't enough clearing to get the hammocks up. The Men were happy to meet up with the Edwards Woman at this point. We had to portage at Milburnie Dam so she was delivering the heavier part of our gear. She also had sweet tea, barbecue sandwiches, brunswick stew and banana pudding! We inhaled the sandwiches, gave her hugs and shoved off since the sun was setting on our backs and we had to go further down river to hang the hammocks.

13 June 2010

Day One - the Launch

The Edwards men put in at Falls Dam at approximately 9:30am June 13th. We were able to get pics of them launching and then as they passed a little farther downstream.

Day One - THE MEN

                                                               JUNGLE RIVER NICK

                                                          COUNTRY RIVER CHRIS

                                                          RIVER SCOUT STEPHEN

The Great Neuse River Kayaking Adventure

1 dad
2 sons
3 kayaks
8 days
215 miles

are you jealous?